Balance of the whole

Natural world, laws of physics and our experiences, all point to the conclusion of the overall balance and wholeness of everything. What is of a particular interest is how it applies to us, humans, and consequently to our relationships and social structures (family, nation, humanity in total).

The basic notion is that every single person, as a starting point of our society, is a perfectly rounded and balanced individual. That means that all of us are whole within our own circumstances. This wholeness includes all our characteristics, traits, experiences, talents, abilities and, most important, Potentials.  The closest graphical expression I can come up is the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol. Each person’s expressed qualities are represented by the larger area of color. The potentials (unexpressed qualities), equal in “mass” but smaller in appearance are little balls within the large area of the predominant color.

The practical implications are that each person has a potential to change the predominant characteristics or qualities.

Now, this is a simplified picture. In reality, this balance is much more complex, in a constant flux, changing and evolving as we go through the life (imagine the above image as 3-dimensional, with colors in constant flux and some hidden from view). But the end result is the same. Each person, no matter how talented or not, rich or poor, intelligent or not, abled or disabled, is  no different or less important or unique than the other; all are complete and whole in their own environment and circumstances.

Where one is lacking in talent or ability in one area, it balances out in another area. Where there is fire, there is always water. Where there is wind there is always earth. The balance expresses itself in many forms and sometimes it remains as unfulfilled potential. But nevertheless it is there.

This balance and wholeness are also reflected in every human relationship. Couples (husband and wife, partners, girlfriends and boyfriends etc) are a whole unit. They complement and balance each other. Together, they are 100%. For as long as that balance and wholeness exists, the relationship will endure. Once the wholeness is broken (they stop balancing each other) the relationship breaks.

Families with children represent a circle, wholeness and balance. Siblings between themselves also create a wholeness and balance as they complement each other.

On a  larger scale, each nation individually and the whole of the humanity are a whole, with some attributes and qualities expressed and some only present as potentials.

Sometimes, the balance is broken, but only for as long as it takes for the wholeness to be transferred from one unit (person, family, nation etc) to another, so balance is again established.

Why is it important to know about the balance and wholeness? Knowing this, changes our perspective towards others. We can see and respect each individual as a whole. Regardless of one’s position in life, abilities or character, no matter what, we are all unique, complete and whole.

Ponder this :-)


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I blame you….

I often listen to the LBC Radio (London local talk station), where ,occasionally you get to hear an open-minded, informed and spirited discussions on day-to-day matters. But more often, you get to hear discussions based and fulled by nothing else but blame-games.

For example, economical problems…who do we blame, previous or current government; immigration problems…who do we blame, immigrants or the border staff; massive redundancies….who do we blame, global economic crisis or the previous government. And it goes on and on and on…

LBC is just one of the blow-horn establishments that relish in employing the blame-game scenarios to engineer conversations and attract people to call in. The same  blame-game is played by politicians, media, big companies, public-relation agencies, and, lets not forget, us…..individuals. All of us.

Blame is a very useful word. By sleigh of hand, you blame somebody else for something that is really and ultimately your responsibility.  By blaming somebody else, you shift focus from your responsibility to somebody else. You present yourself as a victim of circumstances, an innocent bystander who is suffering the consequences caused by those who are to be blamed – “blaimees” ?

I guess, the guilt word is in the same category… people use guilt as a cop-out to avoid responsibility.  We say we accept our guilt and that is it. We will accept the consequences, but there is nothing else we can do.

Imagine what would happen if we erased the very notions of the blame and guilt? I guess, the political structures as we know them, together with most of the organized religions would immediately collapse.

If there was no blame and no guilt, people would be forced to accept RESPONSIBILITIES.

Give you an example, instead of blaming people on benefits who are abusing the system and asking them to stop claiming and instead chose to look for work that will pay the same or less, you should ask why is it possible for them to abuse the system in the first place. Ah…blame the system then. And why are those on benefits in a position that they have to claim? Where is the responsible and quality education for all? Where are the jobs? Where are the conditions for every single person to have a fair chance at life? Oh, blame the system. But who is “in charge” of the system. Your representatives. And who elected them? Who is maintaining the system status quo by apathy or laziness to change? You and me. We can pick any “problem” our society is facing at the moment and easily follow the blame train back to ourselves.

And then what we should do is eliminate the Blame and the Guilt words and replace them with the Responsibility. As it is in our power as individuals to take the responsibility and effect the change. Only then our society will go forward and change for better.

I can almost hear somebody saying, but even if I take the responsibility, there are so many of those that will not, even if I try to do something it will not change anything, so why bother. And the blame game starts again.

We should really open our eyes and ears. Start thinking for ourselves. Take the Responsibility !



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On women… part 1

This post is a tribute to our wives, partners and girlfriends :-)

Few days ago, my wife received one of those jokes\photos circular emails most of us regularly receive from our email friends.

Anyway, this one contained a joke everybody saw or heard at one point or another and it goes like this:

“If a woman asks you a question it’s better to tell her the truth because chances are she’s asking because she already knows the answer.”

My wife read it to me and had a good laugh…because she knew it was true.

Mine was more of a nervous laughter…because I also knew it was true :-)

How do they do it? I have few theories…

1) According to my theory of everything, everybody knows everything. It is our choice whether we will use that information. So, our women know everything about us men, it is only their choice when they don’t want to know. But when they, the thought just pops up in their heads and from then on, they will look and dig until they confirm what they already know.

2) If you are in a long-standing relationship, you develop, for lack of better words, a psychic link with your opposite. You know what I am talking about…Both of you know what other thinks, or wants to the point where sometime you both know what the other will say or do. Even in different room, different cities or continents. Difficult to explain, but if you are in a relationship, you know what I am talking about.

3) Women are soooo good in reading us. I think that is probably one of those women’s things, where they are superb in reading conscious or sub-conscious  clues and traits, women’s intuition. The scary part is once they start using it, and the more they use it, the better they get in it.

4) We, men, are soooo lousy in lying and covering the truth. Look at the professional spinsters, politicians… The moment they try telling the porky pies you can see right through what the truth is. The more they try to spin it, the more you see they are lying. Or is it the guilt thing, sub-conscious? So when we try to lie, we lit up like a Christmas tree with lights flashing and sirens wailing, and a big sign on our foreheads saying “lair liar pants on fire”?

5) Women are aliens with super-powers :-) By the way, if you haven’t read “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, please do, there is your  proof :-)


Ponder this… :-)


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What is our purpose here…?

Now, I am going to start with a cliche, saying that many philosophers and learned men have asked this question before and tried to give an answer. Good thing is that, what they said is no more true or untrue from what I am going to lay down here. This subject matter is so personal that any definition one tries to give is bound to be different from another person’s opinion. But (I hope :-)), some will be in a broad agreement with my definition.

If one says that our purpose here is to do one and one thing only, for example become a rich person or be the first one on the Moon, Mars or what ever single achievement one can think of, I would beg to differ. I think that our purpose here, on earth, in this life, is multipurpose, like a big Swiss-knife. First of all, as we go through our lives, we make impact on everything around us, by our actions, or no-actions, by our thoughts, words, decisions, every second of our time we influence what happens to us and what happens to others. And all this is with a purpose. In the same manner as other people’s actions affect us, directly or indirectly, like a famous butterfly effect.

However, I think as souls that have chosen where and how we are to be borne, we are here to learn, experience, grow spiritually, contribute to the whole of the humanity and help and facilitate others in their growth and experience.

Our material advance or material and economic status is only a sideshow to the spiritual development and experience, which is our main purpose. Why would I think this? Has a material gain ever made you feel content and fulfilled in the same manner as a spiritual advancement or achievement had? Unfortunately, some will go through life, never experiencing the spiritual content. And that is also OK. As everybody has a role to fulfill, those souls also have a role to play, which they have chosen willfully and purposefully.

Why is it important to find out what our purpose is here and this life? What is it that we have chosen to do, learn or experience? Good thing is that we are already on the path that naturally leads us to fulfill our destiny. Problem is that, we get sidetracked by things we think we ought to be doing. We get distracted by material. But even if you are on the right track, it doesn’t mean that fulfilling our destinies is easy – if it was, there would be no opportunity to learn, experience and grow. Once one is back on the track, one knows, feels he or she is doing the right thing. One feels content and that quiet happiness associated with the feeling all is as it should be.

The image that comes to my mind is me swimming in the river. The flow tries naturally to take me downstream. I still need to swim to be able to reach the end of the river, so some effort is required. Sometimes, because I see something on the shore or upstream I try to swim in the direction that does not follow the flow, and it is hard. Much harder than following the stream… and I stubbornly persist. Because I think that is the way, or others tell me that is what I should do, or I am afraid of what is waiting behind the bend downstream and I desperately try to avoid it by swimming upstream… And until I realize the only way is to follow the flow, I will struggle, and feel that I am doing something wrong. I am unhappy.

And that is also OK. By swimming upstream, I learn and experience. And until I learn and  experience, I will keep swimming in the wrong direction. However, once the lesson has been learned and realized, I will follow the natural flow again, at least until the next lesson comes into view.

Why is it important that we find out our purpose? It will make our life easier and happier. How do we find out?     Ponderthis :-)



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God and Science…

Can somebody explain to me what God is ? And if somebody wants to venture an opinion, I would like to know his or her personal thoughts and not what they have been told or read somewhere and now they only repeating. I want to hear, honest and well thought-out opinions.

I bet that no two people, if really honest with themselves in describing what God is to them, would have the same opinion or definition.

I believe in God. I don’t think or believe that God is a personification of a man (or woman) sitting somewhere above us, who created us some 4-5,000 years ago and then decided not to talk to us anymore, only to send messages through chosen church representatives.

God, for me, is not a personification of a man or woman. For me, it is, an energy, for lack of a better word, that encompasses everything we see, know or exist and more than that – as I think there is much much more to existence and reality than we can ever comprehend.

So, if my definition of a God is so vague, to the point that I am not clear I can even comprehend or define what God is, how can science rebuke my belief when there is no clear definition as to what God is. Just to say it doesn’t exist because somebody doesn’t believe in it… I would say, what is it that doesn’t exist… The word is simple, 3 letters (or more in different languages) but the scope is so vast that it cannot be defined. And, undefinable cannot be confirmed or denied by scientific methods.

I often think about an article I read some years ago. The gist of it was that scientists say our universe is so finely tuned that if any of the constants that hold it in place were off by a minute number, there would be no universe. The chances of it being as it is are so infinitely small, that there could be two explanations. Intelligent design (i.e. God) or infinite number of universes where everything that can happen happens, all of it  playing at the same time in the same space. I would say that the theory of infinite number of universes is equally “unbelievable” or “believable” as an intelligence design, especially as neither can be proved or disproved by direct scientific methods.

So if you chose to believe in an infinite universes, why can’t you believe that there is something more in the play, something that we vaguely refer to as God? For me, both are possible and probable, and more.
Anyway, this is my opinion.


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Intorduction is in order….

Welcome to my blog. Purpose of this exercise is for me to have a blank canvas to air my thoughts and views, clarify and and develop them further.

Topics will be anything from religion, spirituality to government and politics.

The original idea was to invite, you, the public to contribute and develop the ideas further, if you felt you can add something constructive. However, because, it appears blogs are not immune to spam, I have disabled that option.

If you wish to make a comment, you can do that via Ponderthis page on Facebook

Other than that, sit back, read and enjoy.





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